Sam Mitchell - Chief Executive Officer

Sam founded Wealthcheck in 2005 and has been the Managing Director since inception. Sam has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

From 2013, Sam has developed and actively managed greenfield agricultural investments for large well known International Institutional investors, developing over 12,000 hectares of irrigated cotton land, 2,000 hectares of almonds and 300 hectares of avocados.

In addition, through Sam’s combination of farming expertise with an investment focus, he has established the single largest lateral irrigation development in the world.

Prior to launching Wealthcheck, Sam was a commodities futures adviser and trader for Elders Risk Management, where he provided risk management advisory services to producers and processors in the Agricultural Industry, through the strategic use of derivatives and physical contracts in both the Australian and International markets.

Sam has also worked as a financial advisor for Commonwealth Securities in their Premium Business Services division. Sam offered wealth creation solutions to the bank’s high net worth clients. Sam also worked on numerous capital raisings including initial public offerings and specialised structured products.

Sam is a Fellow of FINSIA and member of the FPA. Sam holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the Securities Institute of Australia, a Masters of Commerce from the University of Sydney, a Post Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of New England, and a Degree (Honours) in Agricultural Science from the University of Sydney.

Richard Hincks - Chief Operating Officer

Richard has over 30 years experience in the Australian Agribusiness debt market working across all asset classes at a State and National level for domestic banks and a large global agribusiness bank. His responsibilities included managing the largest 140 clients of Rabobank’s Australian business with debt equating to 5% of the Australian Agribusiness debt market.

Over the years, Richard has participated in numerous rural debt structures from direct holds, syndicated structures and various different equity/debt arrangements covering international agricultural funds, corporate entities, family offices and large family owned agribusinesss entities.

Richard has a Bachelor in Applied Science Ag from Hawkesbury Ag College.

Amanda Fisher - Chief Financial Officer

Amanda is a Chartered Accountant who has run her own business providing CFO services to a select group of clients principally in agribusinesses: from poultry and turf farming to cropping and permanent plantings.

Amanda brings a wealth of business knowledge and a love of technology to improve the productivity and efficiency of the finance and accounting operations.

Amanda has been Internationally recognised for her work as a CFO with awards for Agriculture CFO of the Year, Most Influential CFO – Cashflow & Analytics and Most Influential Leader in Business Finance to name a few.

She is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand association, with a Bachelor of Commerce (with Merit) from the University of New South Wales.

Max Reynolds - Chief Technical Officer

Max grew up on the land on his family farm of mixed cropping, livestock, and a feedlot. He has been pushing the status quo with a keen interest in technology from an early age.

Max has worked on cropping farms in North America learning different methods and practices bringing that knowledge back to Australia to change work practices. He has also worked in intensive agriculture and meat wholesaling.

He has worked on technology in broad acre farming using it to improve efficiencies, effectiveness, processes and productivity of farm operations and minimising wastage. With a keen interest in being at the leading edge of new technological developments, Max is adept at working out how to adapt technology from other industries to use in agribusiness.

Max holds a Bachelor of Agribusiness degree.

Randy Singh - Group Avocado Manager

Randy’s family has been involved in agribusinesses going back multiple generations. In Australia, his family owns a vineyard and citrus orchard in the Riverina. When not working on the family farm, he was contracting to other farmers in the area.

Randy has been principally focussing on avocado production since 2017. He has undertaken Avocado Tours of Israel, Chile, Peru and Columbia. These included private tours of different avocado farm operations including the largest avocado producers in Israel.

Randy holds a Diploma in Horticulture and is a Member of Avocados Australia.

John McKenzie - ESG & Compliance

John has worked in Agribusinesses for over 15 years; from production to processing, to corporate advisor, investment and investor relations. He has expertise in project management, due diligence, and financial analysis which are integral to his role in ESG & Compliance.

John holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Agribusiness.

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