Wealthcheck Finance offers structured finance solutions for individuals, businesses and developers. We have a number of direct relationships with lenders for larger business and commercial transactions as well as private funds and private equity participants. We also offer residential finance through Australian Finance Group Ltd and most of the major banks.

We aim to simplify and personalize the finance application process. Through access and experience in both personal and business finance markets we can provide you a combined solution to suit your needs.

Through our partnership with TCF, we specialise in catering to the finance needs of the fashion, textiles and automotive industries.

Products Available: As per the brochure attached below.

Residential Finance
We offer the full suite of residential loans, and specialise in the Self-Employed. We have acess to the usual range of banks, as well as second tier lenders and private funding. Our ability to also offer a Financial Planning service means we can tailor a solution to meet your current needs and help you achieve your future goals.

Business & Commercial
Wealthcheck Finance holds direct accreditations with the major banks, fund managers as well as non bank financial institutions. Being able to offer residential and commercial finance allows us to cater to all your finance needs. This includes finance on rural and commercial properties, leasing, cash flow finance and structured finance solutions, as well as development finance.

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