A major issue facing the world today is the ability to feed a fast growing global population, which will reach 9 billion by 2050 and require a doubling of current agricultural production.

The World Bank has highlighted this challenge, made even greater in the face of increasing land and water scarcity. As demand for food grows, investment experts have recommended investors increase their exposure to the food production sector.

To capture this investment opportunity and with expertise across agriculture and investment, Wealthcheck is building a portfolio of prime agricultural properties, structured to cover the agricultural cycle with sound potential for income and capital growth.

Wealthcheck Funds Management is a Fund Manager that designs unique opportunities to invest in the Australian Agricultural Property Sector.

Our Funds provide investors with a range of yield and risk options. As an investor you can enjoy the tangible benefits of property investment, without having to invest the time required to manage those properties. Investors have access to regular updates about the properties in their Fund.

Our Board of Directors has combined their expertise in finance, agricultural, taxation, property and the legal profession, to develop an investment product that maximises your potential return in a tax effective manner.

We are committed to maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers, to ensure each fund benefits from economies of scale, and subsequent lower costs.

For more information on our rural property trusts, please Call us on +61 2 9331 3226.

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